Comments Miller Released from Jail and Libby - Fitz needed Miller to:

by emptywheel at Kos:

Fitz needed Miller to:

* Prove that Libby perjured himself in his testimony to the grand jury which helps prove
* That there was a conspiracy to obstruct justice and he also needed Miller to
* Provide a chain of custody for information from the need-to-know person to the eventual (Novak) outing

If they couldn't prove this chain of information, then Rove or Libby could claim it was just out there. But with the chain of information, they prove that it was a deliberate leak.

And I think Fitz has Bolton, too. He just doesn't need Judy to get there. And since you can only get a journalist to testify if you absolutely need to, he's willing to give up the opportunity to interrogate her.

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