Bush puts Party above people and we have proof

Blanco: Not GOP: At the eye of the storm: No calls, no response
Barbour: GOP: Probably in the path of the storm: Several calls, Fed help offered

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and this is a surprise?

Trading american lives in the form of political favors?
Believable, grotesque, capital .. and unlikely to be punished.

examples of race-based responses are still difficult to prove. However, this is clearly prove of partisan response. Why would the president not equally call every Governor?
Doug Mcdaniel

now is not the time to blame
supernintendo chalmers

all sane people are united in hating his ill-conceived regime policies
supernintendo chalmers

I believe Bush was taking his bubble bath when Governor Blanco tried to speak with him.
Max Planck

Wow. You get calls if your a Republican.

no shame for the shameless



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