Bush: “I'm really sorry. I want to buy you something nice.”

Maher nails it:
Yes, the president delivered an important message last night, and that message was, “I'm really sorry. I want to buy you something nice.” [laughter] He said he doesn't deserve us; he's ready to change; he's stopped drinking. [laughter] And he'd kill himself before he hits us again. [laughter] That's what he said.

No, he is committed to spending whatever it takes to buy back our love. [laughter] He said this will be the largest reconstruction effort ever on U.S. soil, if you don't count Joan Rivers' neck. [laughter] [applause] [cheers]

Yes, $200 billion they're talking about, to rebuild. And not just to rebuild, but to make it better down there. This time, make it better: no racism, no poverty. [laughter] No, really…the president said last night much of the aid is going toward job training. And the people of New Orleans , when they heard that, they rose as one and said, “Can we start with you?”

Bill Maher :: The Official Website - 9/16 show transcript


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