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Teacher Fired for Waging Peace

Deb Mayer visited DFA HQ last year to share her story of being fired from her job for discussing peace in the classroom. Deb, a fourth grade teacher, talked with her students about the Iraq war during a current events lesson. She then opened the discussion to antiwar demonstrations, as well as alternatives to war. After a parental complaint, she found her teaching contract dropped by the school.

The Raw Story has an interview and update on Deb's story:

Mayer described her meeting with the Indiana parent...

She says the parent asked her, "What if you had a child in the service?!" to which Mayer responded, "I do!" She says she tried to explain to the parent that her son—who is a Naval nuclear engineer—serves his country but that didn't preclude him from believing in peaceful alternatives.

The parent claimed she was unpatriotic and anti-Bush. Mayer says she expressed no such sentiments; she felt she was only teaching about the right to dissent and finding peaceful solutions.

When Peace Month was supposed to be observed at the school, Mayer says, the principal abruptly cancelled it....

Recently, she started a charity for returning vets. Her group, Sharethesacrifice.org, is intended to provide financial assistance to returning GIs.

We "must do more for our vets since our government seems determined to do less," she says.

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