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Bob Cesca says "Gay marriage does nothing to threaten you or your marriage". He doesn't get it. Gay sex does not threaten a GOPpie's marriage, it threatens his sexuality and his self esteem: Closet gays and self hating gay Republican hate the fact that someone else has more courage than they do. Hetero GOPpies hate the fact that someone is having a lot more sex than they do! -- law

Bob Cesca: Bigotry In The Name Of Jesus H. Christ

This week, 14-year-old Shay Clark was expelled from a Christian private school in California because her parents happen to be lesbians. And deservingly so, because we all know how much of a threat lesbian parents are; what with the fully loaded lesbian firearms they pack in their children's lunch boxes and how, by sending their child to a Christian school, they're clearly devil-worshipping heathens -- sub-humans bent on the destruction of all things American and Christian.

But that's not all. In a long overlooked section of the Bible called "Jesus H. Christ's Rad Blog", the Son of Man's online journal which he kept for a short time then abandoned when he lost interest, we find this passage dated March 10, 32 A.D.:

"Gays and lesbians shall be pwn3d for the rest of eternity. For they are really goddamn disgusting."

I know what you're saying. Jesus didn't invent the word "pwn3d". True that. It's probably an error in the translation. He did, however, invent the phrase "true that". What Mel Gibson didn't tell us is that when Jesus was asked whether he was the King of the Jews, Jesus responded, "True that! Um. I mean, it is you who say that I am."

Would it strike you as odd that Jesus never condemned homosexuality? In fact, as my friend John Christian Plummer pointed out this week, he never mentioned a single word about it. Probably because he was too busy saying things like, "Blessed are the peacemakers," and "Blessed are the poor." Here's an actual Jesus quote which is interesting:

"Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude and insult you, and denounce your name as evil on account of the Son of Man."

Within this sentence, Jesus condemns bigotry and persecution in his name, which today happens to define the policies and actions of the modern right-wing who ironically embrace Christianity -- the teaching of Christ -- as part of their strategy. Throughout his documented life story, Jesus’ most incendiary comments and actions were aimed at, 1) Satan, and 2) the men who mixed business and religion. Does that second item sound familiar? Nary a single word which denounced same-sex marriage -- well, except in the Bible used by the right-wing and Christian Fundamentalists known as the "Fake Bible Which We Made Up To Suit Our Bigotry: Large Print Edition".

The Bible contains a lot of hogwash which, in a modern context, has little or no validity. The Bible tells us that anyone who comes into contact with a woman who is menstruating must do penance. The Book of Leviticus, the section of the Bible which is the cornerstone of the frightening Christian Reconstructionist movement, condemns homosexuality under pain of death. It also condemns the touching of pig flesh on Sundays... under pain of death. That would certainly make football interesting. Whoever touches the ball dies.

One of the most dominant arguments against same-sex marriage has been the dictionary definition of marriage: "The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife." That's a pretty weak argument, no? The dictionary? At one point in time, a definition taught us that a sperm cell contained a fully formed little man called a "homunculus". Just because George W. Bush cites the dictionary definition of marriage as "between a man and a woman" doesn't make it right and justified. This from the same man who thought "misunderestimated" was a word.

The Republican movement against same-sex-marriage is purely a political tactic which feeds off the unjustified fears of easily influenced Americans -- as we witnessed during last year's presidential campaign. Gay marriage does nothing to threaten you or your marriage, but the anti-gay right-wing wants to make you feel that way in order to consolidate their power. The Republicans have told you that there's a Toe Monster under your bed and if you don't vote for them, the Toe Monster will get your toes! Ooga booga! You allow yourself to buy into that? Seriously?

Bob Cesca: Bigotry In The Name Of Jesus H. Christ - Yahoo! News


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