Apathetic Nation: Malkin: ''Cronyism and national security are a deadly mix.''

Malkin: ''Cronyism and national security are a deadly mix.'' - Posted on Saturday, September 24 @ 10:28:40 PDT

Michelle Malkin is a touch more conservative than I like, but still, she makes an occasional 'common sense' point, like this one:

"My fellow conservatives in Washington refuse to learn two vital homeland security lessons, one from 9/11 and the other from Hurricane Katrina.

Lesson Number One: If you neglect immigration enforcement, you will regret it.

Lesson Number Two: If you appoint political cronies in times of crisis, you will regret it."

This current rant by Malkin is about Bush's recent appointing of Julie Myers to head ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and her complete and total lack of experience in any of those areas, be it immigration, customs, or enforcement. She may some knowledge in law, after all, she is a lawyer, but... She is not remotely qualified for this position.

So how dod she get the job? Let's see here... She is married to the current Chief of Staff for Dept. of Homeland Security, John Wood. Her uncle is the soon to be leaving Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard B. Myers. And she used to work for DHS Chief Michael Chertoff and former ICE head Michael Garcia. Sounds like nespotism...

Apathetic Nation dot Com - Malkin: ''Cronyism and national security are a deadly mix.''


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