10/27: Katrina on Kos front page, liberals offering help - Conservatives MIA

Where were they when it mattered most ? MIA as always! As Bil Mahrer says, GOP's Katrina's performance makes you miss the days when they just sat on their arses for 7 minutes / half a day.. -- law

A DKos SMACKDOWN of a Fundie Blogger
by DarkSyde
Tue Sep 13th, 2005 at 06:39:20 CDT

Here I am along with dozens of scientists on the afternoon of Saturday, August 27, explaining the danger of Hurricane Katrina on the largest Blog on planet earth and my readers can be seen literally saving lives and offering their own homes to evacuees. I specifically discussed flooding. Note- I'm relying on silly old materialist science ...

Strangely you have no post for that day Joe? What happened to your 'world view' and 'alternative' science?

Here I and the DKos community--which is larger than the top fifty conservtive blogs put together in traffic-- are DKos on Sunday morning August 28th and again later the same day, with an urgent ALL CAPS update in bold telling folks flat out to bail. Again using that bankrupt naturalism you so abhor ... where are you Joe? What happened to that 'alternative science' you crow so much about?

Here we crazy materialist science advocates are yet again using that methodology you want to destroy to save lives and warn people early Monday, August 29th that even though the eye missed NOLA proper there was already massive flooding and that the loss of life could be horrific because survivors would be cut off. Here's my ending quote on Monday at 11 AM EST

"Good news" maybe misunderstood. Only means those in hardened, high, shelters more likely to escape serious storm injury--Best shelters will probably serve the purpose of providing essential, minimal life-saving protection, most inside will get sopping wet. Worse, most pumps have shut down and grid power is out. There is flooding & collapse of homes and smaller buildings: TENS OF THOUSANDS ARE IN THOSE PLACES. The loss of life could be horrific. Survivors may be isolated without power and food for the forseeable future.

Joe again your blogging is oblivious ... is that your world view at work? You have a post up on "Market Economics" for that day. Did you start to catch on by Tuesday, August 30th?

Sadly no. While my silly materialism is warning that the city is flooded and catching fire with the headline "Big Easy: Water Still Rising and Catching Fire, you have a post up attacking evolution and crowing about how ignorant the laypublic is concerning science! Wow! That same science that I'm using to save lives and that you crow against like a medieval lunatic.

While Bush continues his vacation and his chosen FEMA director Michael Brown bumbles around like the incompetent idiot he is, you're again missing in action?

Finally your first post on Thursday, almost a week after we silly materialist scientists and progressive bloggerrs had been saving people's lives and warning them, you finally wake up and claim that you read about it at Wizbang because "Paul is the self appointed spokeperson for hurricane victims'. My Lord the arrogance and utter studidity. You and "Paul' are just a tad late there buddy, about five days behind us worthless progressives and a week behind science. By the time you finally caught up and started organizing your 'conservative blog relief effort' most of us already had families in our home partner. More of your amazing 'world view' and 'alternative emthods' at work Joe?

I'd give your 'non materialist' science an F minus there buddy. Your 'world view' is beyond delusional: It's deadly. It's fatal.

If you disagree ... When is this much vaunted 'world view' of yours going to actually produce results beside Joe Carter missing the most obvious disaster in 100 years and blabbering on about his superior 'methodology'? Because while you carp and whine and bitch and moan about the evil scientific 'establishment, I and those same materialists were saving lives, predicting the disaster down to the time, place, and details, and putting people up in our homes house and organizing the first online center for evacuees to fund refuge; before you had a clue, before it even happened! How? Why using science!

So ...When Joe? How many men, women, and children, have to die needlessly before you either cough up the utter failure of your alleged 'alternative' world view and admit you fell flat on your ass along with FEMA, the DHS, and Bush? Give me a number? One-thousand dead Americans? Ten-thousand? A million? How many have to die for your mythological delusions Joe? How many have to die for your careless ignorance and futile 'world view'? I'd really like to know. The former Republicans now living in my home I helped talk out of leaving and who now curse and scream at Bush everytime he appears on my screen want to know also? When Joe? When is 'world view' actually gonna be worth more than a hill of old beans and work?


Daily Kos: A DKos SMACKDOWN of a Fundie Blogger


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