White House "independent ethicist" has a conflict of interest

WH Brings In "Ringer" To Defend Roberts' Ethics
by Armando
Fri Aug 26th, 2005 at 16:26:08 CDT

Think Progress is all over BushCo on this:

In April, Judge John Roberts "heard arguments about the Bush administration's policy [on military commissions in Guantanamo] as he was discussing a Supreme Court appointment in private conversations with the White House." On July 15, "when Judge Roberts met with President Bush for the job-clinching interview, he joined a ruling in favor of the defendants, who included Mr. Bush."

In an article that has received considerable attention by the media, Stephen Gillers, David J. Luban, and Steven Lubet - three respected legal ethicists - argue that Roberts' conduct was unethical....

o rebut their claims the papers are quick to turn to another legal scholar, Professor Ronald Rotunda who argues that Roberts did nothing wrong. Here's what they don't tell you: until very recently Ronald Rotunda was employed as a military advisor to the Department of Defense on military commissions - the exact subject of the case in controversy.

How about that - the White House "independent ethicist" has a conflict of interest. The irony is delicious.

Daily Kos: WH Brings In "Ringer" To Defend Roberts' Ethics


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