Whiskey Bar: Disable Danger

[ROFLMAO! -- law]

Clarke's account of Donald Rumsfeld lobbying to bomb Iraq .. add up to.. much more ..than questions about what.. an experimental Pentagon data mining operation may ..have shared with the FBI in 1999. Hell, the wing nuts got better mileage than that out of Sandy Berger's pants.

As for the other possible motive for making Able Danger Rush Limbaugh's theme of the month, you have to wonder when the Clinton haters are finally going to accept the fact that he got away.. Slick Willy is never going to be on anybody's ballot ever again... Then again, maybe this was really about tagging Hillary Clinton.. -- after all, she was married to the guy who appointed the woman who hired the woman who wrote the memo that is now being mischaracterized as the reason that the Pentagon didn't give the information about Mohamed Atta that it now says it didn't have to the FBI. What better evidence do you need of Hillary's unfitness to lead? Sure, that makes sense -- or at least, as much sense as anything else in this ridiculous story. Which at this point is about all we can expect.

Whiskey Bar: Disable Danger


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