Weldon, Khadafy and Moongate

Gorenfeld reminds us of another Weldon faux pas

Weldon, Khadafy and Moongate
You'll recall that, when I wrote my Gadflyer article, Rep. Curt Weldon's office claimed that he didn't speak at the coronation of Sun Myung Moon. First his secretary said, "I'm telling you, he didn't go." So I sent her some links. She then said Weldon planned to attend this awards show, but couldn't make it due to his schedule. Then I sent her a photo of Weldon at the event. It showed him surrounded by Moonists. His involvement, she now said, was "limited to his attendance," as if he'd just been on his way to a nearby committee meeting and poked his head through a curtain.

But here's a new picture of Weldon giving a speech at the event! What's that he's pinning on Kadhafy? Did Kadhafy score one of Moon's Ambassadors for Peace Awards while Weldon was leading a delegation to Libya to talk WMDs? If so, that would be pretty awesome, placing Khadafy in the same A.F.P. winners circle as neo-Nazi William Baker. (Update: According to Weldon's office, it's an American flag pin.)

Where in Washington, D.C. is Sun Myung Moon?: Weldon, Khadafy and Moongate


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