War Protest Moves to Bush Neighbor's Land - Yahoo! News

CRAWFORD, Texas - War protesters camping in roadside ditches near
President Bush's ranch have accepted a neighbor's offer to stay on his property, and their vigil will be joined this week by
FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley and by another mother whose soldier-son died in Iraq.

The neighbor, Army veteran Fred Mattlage, said he sympathizes with participants in the vigil started Aug. 6 by Cindy Sheehan, who lost her 24-year-old son in Iraq last year. The makeshift camp off the winding, two-lane road to Bush's ranch has angered residents and snarled traffic.

"I just think people should have a right to protest without being harassed," Mattlage told The Associated Press. "And I'm against the war. I don't think it's a war we need to be in."

Sheehan, of Vacaville, Calif., has vowed to remain through Bush's monthlong ranch vacation unless he meets with her and other grieving families.

Former FBI special agent Rowley said she and Minnesota state Sen. Becky Lourey, whose son was killed in Iraq, will leave for Texas on Thursday and camp at the site through Sunday.

"It puts a human face on this issue," said Rowley, who is now a Democratic candidate for Congress in Minnesota. "Many people, if they don't have a personal connection to the troops, it's so easy for this to become a discussion that lacks seriousness and urgency. I think it's good to show that there are real people that are being affected.

War Protest Moves to Bush Neighbor's Land - Yahoo! News


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