Waco Examiner on Medgar Evers death

Huh ? As a conspiracy theory it is too formulaic for my taste. When too many are "in" on the alleged cover up the CT loses any shred of credibility. All the pieces fit neatly after the author hammers them trough... -- law

‘Let’s kill two birds with one stone’: Medgar Evers and Byron de la Beckwith VI

For 42 years after the assassination of Medgar Evers in Jackson, Mississippi (a few minutes past midnight 6-12-63) the public has been bombarded by the faulty evidence that Byron de la (Delay) Beckwith was the lone assassin. Actually the real admitted assassin alleges that it was a vast conspiracy of so-called friends and associates of Evers, the rich foundations who were supporting the civil rights movement in the South, the FBI, CIA and Mafia soldiers...



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