Tampa: Katrina drops to Category Two, spares New Orleans its full fury

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The Big Easy is breathing a bit easier right now.

Hurricane Katrina has spared New Orleans a direct hit, but its effects are still being felt there and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast.

Katrina's winds have dropped to 105 miles-per-hour, making it a Category Two storm.

It came ashore as a Category Four, with strong winds and blinding rain submerging big parts of New Orleans and sending some residents fleeing to their rooftops.

The roof is also a focus at the Superdome, where strong winds ripped off pieces of the giant arena's top and sent some evacuees scrambling away from the water pouring in.

The storm could end up dumping 15 inches of water on the Gulf Coast. In Mississippi, the state's floating casinos are no longer just on the water -- they have water in them.

Tampa Bay's 10 News


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