taliesin's log - What if life is music?

Great question. My music at this moment is of my 3 year old singing his made up songs at the top of his lungs. Only a mom can see the joy of it -- law

Since discovering Sarah, abandoning my screenplay, and then making Aimee Mann's marvellous concert, I've adjusted my priorities. It's absurd to question again "What if life is music?" now most of my friends know I'd like my life to be music.

Many singer-songwriters I'm featuring are less well known than I'd thought before asking friends and colleagues from all over the world. Though Aimee has a big following and other VoWs I adore are even more "famous", they're often unknown among people who share some of my eclectic tastes.
The log's future reflects my determination to take sides in the "battles" over the future of the music industry itself, now I'm learning what musicians themselves want and strive to achieve.

Choosing where to go after the concert by Aimee -- who's clear about her stance in the business -- took me initially to a very young singer many sneer at as "manufactured", but listening and looking closely was a night's "work" and may make another story.
The week's selection focused on poets, mostly Americans.
On Friday, it was the turn of Dar Williams, who's a fine storyteller. On 'Mortal City' her song 'The Christians and the Pagans' is such fun you want to laugh out loud and do.
She thinks a lot also and I'm getting into Dar's reflections with much pleasure.

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