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Kaena, la prophétie' (Kaena, the prophecy). A fantasy fable, the first French computer-image movie is billed as a movie for kids. Careful. It's neither for small children nor ones who get [bad dreams]

The heroine, even more curvaceous than Lara Croft, is easy to "identify with" but some of the monsters are truly terrifying.
The plot, like some of the 3D animation, does share features with 'Ice Age': a journey from one era to the next; great big eyes for some of the human and alien beings; fun creatures as a foil for high drama; even a kind of "cradle of humanity" parallel -- not too serious.

Attempts at great realism are largely absent from the people, but stunningly effective in the floating forest world inhabited by humans and in sequences such as the extended beginning, where a starship crashes to its doom on the planet Astria.

A touch of 'Final Fantasy' video game comes as no surprise when you read that director Chris Delaporte began that way "in 1995. I was working on the 'Heart of Darkness' video game, which had 35 minutes of pure 3D animation."

Delaporte tells a good tale of how a game idea became a feature film in an interview on 'Kaena', a remarkable bi-lingual website (link recalled below: interview in .rtf format on press page).
Making a movie, he says, was Steven Spielberg's idea, the problem being that S.S. laid down a condition: "that he didn't end up being the fifth wheel".

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