'The Stakes Are Too High for Us to Stop Fighting Now' - by Christopher Deliso

An interview with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds
by Christopher Deliso


In this brand new interview conducted last week, we find the indefatigable Sibel Edmonds as spirited as ever and determined to press on with her legal cases, in her attempt to alert the American people of high-level criminal behavior and corruption in and around the U.S. government.

The interview concentrates on her new appeal to the Supreme Court, reactions to the recent Vanity Fair article in which she was featured, some thoughts on the AIPAC-Larry Franklin investigation, more details on high-level global criminal activities – and on what kind of officials are involved in them.

Current Developments: Petitioning the Supreme Court

Christopher Deliso: It's nice to talk with you again, Sibel. A lot has happened since we last spoke, for the first Antiwar.com interview last July. What's the latest on your case?

Sibel Edmonds: Well, now we are trying to get the Supreme Court to take my case. My lawyers and the ACLU are trying, and we have had several meetings about this.

CD: Do you think they will they agree to hear the case?

SE: You know, I'm not very optimistic. They take less than 10 percent of the cases that are requested of them, maybe 75-100 cases they take. And look at the make-up of the current Supreme Court – it's tilting towards the Bush administration. But my lawyers are more optimistic.

CD: If they reject your case, are they obliged to tell you why, from a legal point of view, or otherwise?

SE: As far as I understand, sometimes they do, other times no. They can just say, "sorry we refuse." And that's it.

CD: Now, I understand that it's an involved process, but do you have any established timeline for when we can expect to hear yea or nay?

SE: The Supreme Court will decide whether to take the case or not in mid-October. But in the meantime, the government – that is, the DOJ and FBI – will file their response to our Supreme Court petition by the first week of September.

Further, we'll also be getting an amicus filing in support of our Supreme Court petition from 9/11 family groups, government watchdog organizations like POGO, GAP, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and more. This will all take place in early September too. So things are going to be getting busy pretty soon!

CD: Wow, it will be exciting for us to watch it all unfold. But tell me, what if the Supremos refuse to take the case? Then what?

SE: If that happens, not only this suit but all my other cases will be dead – the State Secrets Act will kill them all together.

CD: Then what?

SE: We will have to consider other options.

CD: Aha! Evasive action?

SE: There's a chance we could try for an independent prosecutor, and an open hearing about these issues –

CD: Like another "Bulldog" Fitzgerald, you mean?

SE: Yes, perhaps. We have to continue until there is some accountability and the American people know what kinds of things their elected officials are involving themselves [in] again – things directly contrary to national security...

'The Stakes Are Too High for Us to Stop Fighting Now' - by Christopher Deliso


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