SHOTS FIRED at Crawford: What to do about "annoying" outsiders in our backyard

I actually DO blame him (none / 0)

He has been annoyed with the Bush entourage but has never fired a shot at Bush has he ? What makes he think he can do it to a grieving mom ?

Protesters are annoying ? Well so is the war Mr.! The war "annoyed" Casey Sheehan to death. Literally. Him and 1,800 others. And their families. And the wounded by the war "annoynace" and their families too.

You wouldn't believe how annoyed the Iraqis are Mr.! So annoyed that they not only fire shots at the Americans crowding their back yard, they also lob RPGs and put bombs on the roads used by Americans who are messing up their livelihood and took away their peaceful sunrises.

But you wouldn't know anything about that, isn't it Mr. ? Because you never spoke up against the US invading someone else's backyard. You never even cared until someone else invaded your backyard.

And that is why you now should join Cindy and help put a stop to this absurd war. Then we will all cease to be "annoyed" by it: Americans, Iraqis and the rest of the world.

Or you can keep on shooting at grieving moms...

Daily Kos :: Comments SHOTS FIRED (courtesy Iconoclast)


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