SHOTS FIRED at Crawford: Larry Mattlage just wants a quiet life

Larry Mattlage just wants a quiet life (4.00 / 3)
by leckavrea

I know there's no excuse for firing off his shotgun, but it sounds as if Bush's presence is a constant irritation to this man. I'm guessing he's really blaming Bush for this, but when he looked out his windows on Sunday morning he sees the protesters so let off a shot in their general direction to show them he's feeling disgruntled.

Earlier in the same article quoted above:
Mr. Bradford is rather proud to have a president in the neighborhood. But Larry Mattlage, who permits NBC to use his 90-acre spread, is somewhat resentful of Mr. Bush's presence.

"It sort of messed up a nice quiet neighborhood," he said. "When he's here, you get a lot of traffic and a lot of people and a lot of airplanes and a lot of security and a lot of things we didn't have here in the beginning."

It probably is about the money. (4.00 / 2) by Gryn

From Crawford coverage: Bucolic or bogus?

Neither Mr. Mattlage nor Mr. Bradford would say how much he is paid for the use of his property, though Mr. Mattlage called it small recompense for the hassle of living next to a president.

"I figured, 'Well, if you've got to put up with this stuff, you might as well make a little money off of it,' " he said.

The ranch positions give the networks a chance to catch the coming and going of government helicopters, supplementing coverage of visits by world leaders.

So I really do think he's just pissed off he isn't getting compensated yet. He's getting compensated from the networks for using his property and is looking to get his palm greased from the Camp Crawford folks.

I'd say figure out a reasonable deal and buy a bit of peace from him and the other neighbors (even if it doesn't seem necessary at this point with the Secret Service having gotten involved).

I don't blame him. (none / 0) by zeitshabba

I want my serenity back, too.
I was sure it would return last November...

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