Shoplifter killed by Wal-mart security, Ken Lay still alive

When one thinks of all those Enron Executices going scott-free for their thefts of millions, and a man is cheated out of his life for a packet of diapers, a pair of sunglasses, a BB gun and a package of BBs, you'd have to say "Welcome to the Bush World."

How about lets everybody send these Wal Mart Nazis a little letter. Tell them to stick their everyday low prices up their Ass. Remind them of how they are Ruining America by running Mom and Pops type business out of existance.
I try to shop there as little as possible anyway. Now I'll remember this everytime I pass by one of these places. In fact , heres a little something I found on how to terrorize Wal Mart. Made by a disgruntled ex employee. roflmao.gif


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