SeaWinds clocks hurricanes’ wind speeds (PDF)

SeaWinds clocks hurricanes’ wind speeds

August 20, 1999

JPL built the SeaWinds radar instrument and is providing ground science processing systems. With its broad, 1,800-kilometerwide (1,116-mile-wide) swath and nearly allweather capabilities, the SeaWinds scatterometer is providing unprecedented, frequent surface wind speed and direction measurements over the global oceans. Coupled with other satellite measurements of cloud patterns, water vapor and rain, the data are contributing to scientists’ ability to predict the intensity, location and movements of hurricanes and other severe marine weather patterns. “SeaWinds is allowing scientists to determine the location, structure and strength of these tropical depressions, typhoons and severe marine storms very quickly as they develop,” said Dr. Timothy Liu, QuikScat project scientist at JPL. Since the beginning of its science mission, SeaWinds has performed beyond expectations, providing a near-global portrait of wind speeds around the world every day. “The spacecraft and its SeaWinds instrument are performing fabulously,” said Jim Graf, QuikScat mission manager at JPL.

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