The Seattle Times: The Terrorist Within Series


"The Terrorist Within," told in serial-narrative form, is based entirely on information gathered in interviews or contained in official documents, transcripts and recordings, some public and others classified. Read more about how it came together in Mike Fancher's Inside The Times column.

Chapter 1: Past as Prologue
Chapter 2: The Fountainhead
Chapter 3: Leaving Home
Chapter 4: Sneaking In
Chapter 5: The Terrorist Tracker
Chapter 6: It Takes a Thief
Chapter 7: Joining Jihad
Chapter 8: Going to Camp
Chapter 9: 'A Bunch of Guys'
Chapter 10: The Mission
Chapter 11: The Ticking Bomb
Chapter 12: The Crossing
Chapter 13: On the Case
Chapter 14: The Warning
Chapter 15: Puzzle Pieces
Chapter 16: The Reckoning
Chapter 17: Nine-Eleven

The Seattle Times: The Terrorist Within


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