Redefining TREASON Fox Style: O'Reilly says Sheehan "bordering on treasonous,"

Daily Kos: Redefining TREASON, the GOP way

Here's what GOP calls treason

* Being a Democrat (Ann Coulter's book Treason) (1)
* Being a union supporting teacher (Education Secretary Rod Paige (2)
* Disagreeing with Bush's methods (RNC ad, 11/2003) (3)
* Free Speech as Treason (WH says any opposition to Bush policies "at war time" is treason) (5)
* The post 60's culture (Why John Walker Lindh joined Al Qaeda) (6)
* Speaking out against war crimes (Kerry's treason according to Swifties) (4)
* Exercising your right to vote for whom you want as President (Vote for Kerry = Vote for Bin Laden) (7)
* Criticising the war while mourning for a son lost in said war

Curiously enough, here is what the GOP does not call Treason

* Revealing the ID of a under cover WMD expert
* Revealing the ID of a CIA front company
* Discussing documents marked Top Secret with journalists, for print
* Revealing the name of an Al Qaeda informant
* Revealing the information Churchill allegedly let an entire UK city be bombed to protect: US had the code for Iran's messages

Daily Kos: 2500 Dead by Christmas


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