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Presidential material:

This is a awesum book!!!!!!!!!, July 20, 2004
Reviewer: A reader
I am going to buy this book right now (if Laura will give me her credit card, pretty please honey!! ;-)) because I want to try to read it again! I had a copy three years ago, when I was in Florida on a trip, but I had to throw it away because I pooped my pants and got some on it because my friend Andy told me something scary.

"After reading the enclosed story 'The Pet Goat,' I was stunned by its lyrical beauty and easy cadence. The tempo, the choice of words, and the layout on each page captured my imagination so much that it took me about seven minutes to recover my bearings."

When I was little, my Mom always thought my brother was the smart one. So she would always read to him, but I was in the next room and I could listen. It would make me so mad! that Mom was reading to Jebby, but I would calm down by just listening to the story. And I never learned to like reading.

So a long time later (Guess what! I'm the one who is a big HOT SHOT, and my brother is just a governor!) when something scary happened I was able to stay calm by just pretending my Mom was reading this book when I was in a school. I sat for the longest time and just listened, and I didn't get upset at all!

So I definately think this is a very good book, and I still like for people to read it to me, like before I talk to Irish reporters or have to make that big speech with all the big words every year.


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