Ohio 2nd : Schmidt vs. Blogs (w/ CORRECTION)

Interesting item in tomorrow’s Whistleblower:

When “Mean Jean” Schmidt gets to Washington, what will her first piece of legislation be? According to Whistleblower Research Bureau Chief Fearless Ferrett, word is she’s already busy working on her Bloggers Reform Act of 2006, that’ll require hosts to be personally criminally liable for all the lies published on their blogsites. But this wouldn’t actually affect the Blower, since we’re not really a blogger.

We’ve found other hints of Ms. Schmidt using her new status as Congresswoman elect to take on bloggers. Over @ The Mockingbird:

So, yes, I think the FBI is now investigating whether or not the Mockingbird is really just a front for some sexually perverted website. It’s not - though it might be hard for Special Agent Lawrence to determine given the winning entry for the campaign poster contest.

We’ve had confirmation of this action from another source.

Stay tuned, sports fans…

UPDATE: We have confirmation of the FBI’s involvement in investigating bloggers who covered the Ohio 2nd special. That is not the case with The Whistleblower’s statement, which also has to be taken with a certain grain of salt given the source. (remember the item about Jesse Jackson campaigning for Hackett?!!)

CORRECTION: Another typical Whistleblower scoop. RedState contacted the Schmidt campaign and received this response from the Congresswomen:

I have no plans for any legislation at this time, including the legislation mentioned in today’s Whistleblower. I am busy hiringg a staff and preparing to be sworn in as a Congresswoman.

We have received the same statement along with the statement from Schmidt’s campaign manager Joe Braun that they are currently working on getting the Congresswoman into the blogosphere.

The FBI portions of the post still stand.

Ohio 2nd � Schmidt vs. Blogs (w/ CORRECTION)


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