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RE: GROSS [Jonah Goldberg]

Lots of angry email from Kossites complaining about my link to Little Green Footballs yesterday. My crime is that I didn't note that many readers at Daily Kos found the Goebbels-esque staging of "mother" Sheehan's martyrdom gross too. Okay: Noted. And -- in all sincerity -- good for them. But I think that the defensiveness is telling. This Sheehan thing has gotten out of control and that "Mother" Sheehan post is an exaggerated form of the logic lots and lots of Kos types and other liberals have bought into...

Anyway, I stand by my post. It was gross. It was another example of exploitation. And if these people think less of me because I didn't spend my Saturday trolling through the comments section of the Daily Kos, well, I can live with that.

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