Neocon commentator: I "had to carry water for a madman" (Moon)

Podhoretz describes his decision to leave the Times as a "personal one which I will not discuss." However, some of his colleagues say that he was deeply troubled upon his return from an Alaskan fishing trip he took with Moon last August. Moon used the occasion, say sources, to expound on his "Zionist conspiracy theories" and what Podhoretz perceived to be undiluted anti-Semitism. Indeed, some of Moon's teachings contend that Jews have "suffered four thousand years of punishment for killing Christ."

But thanks to the Web, you don't need an invitation to Alaska to hear the Washington Times owner's thoughts about Jews. Oh, did I mention he's back? Yeah, Moon said in March that "homo marriage" was driving him out of America until 2012. But he made a surprise return October 15, and declared:
Religion must guide the political parties, or they will fail. The Jews have opposed me. The CIA has opposed me and caused even America to oppose me.


That kind of Zionism was against God and was even the foundation for communism. Many have tried to have me killed.

But the translator seems to shrug and give up at one point, calling the speech "too deep to translate." What's Korean for "Jewboy"?* And how do you compress 4,000 years of punishment into 2,000 years?

Where in Washington, D.C. is Sun Myung Moon?: Neocon commentator: I "had to carry water for a madman"


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