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Crucial physical and informational technologies

This site focuses on the science behind emerging technologies of broad importance, summarizing research results and offering technical perspectives on research directions. It includes tutorial material, new results, annotated bibliographies and links to external web resources. Initial topics include nanotechnology-based production systems (central to the future of physical technology), and secure, distributed computing (central to the future of informational technology). In both these areas, several widespread assumptions are very wrong. A better understanding can benefit both technical leaders seeking productive directions for research and development and policy makers aiming to make wise decisions.

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Molecular manufacturing will revolutionize physical technology

Current research in nanotechnology is laying the foundation for a breakthrough development: manufacturing systems based on extremely productive nanoscale devices. These molecular manufacturing systems can be used to build large, complex products cleanly, efficiently, and at low cost. Building with atomic precision, desktop-scale (and larger) molecular manufacturing systems can be used to produce:

* desktop computers with a billion processors
* inexpensive, efficient solar energy systems
* medical devices able to destroy pathogens and repair tissues
* materials 100 times stronger than steel
* superior military systems
* more molecular manufacturing systems

nanotechnology - e-drexler.com - secure computing


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