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Mr. York: ... the White House knows that the only person who can really damage her credibility is Cindy Sheehan herself. She took part in a conference call I think on Wednesday, which I listened to. It was moderated by Joe Trippi, the Democratic strategist, and another Democratic strategist, Bob Fertig [sic], of a Web site called...

MS. MITCHELL: This was a conference call with bloggers. So she was...

MR. YORK: Exactly.

MS. MITCHELL: ...setting off another storm about...

MR. YORK: Of a site called Democrats.com. And she said--she thanked her anti-war bloggers for all their support. She said, "Thank God for the Internet. Without it, we'd already be a fascist state because one party controls everything, and the mainstream media is the propaganda tool of the government."

Now, this is the kind of rhetoric that you normally associate with fringe elements on the left. And if she does more of that, I think she'll diminish her own credibility.

Randi asked me what I thought, and I said York is crazy if he thinks Democrats.com or anyone else is controlling Cindy Sheehan. Cindy's words come straight from her heart, and her heart was broken by her son's death in Iraq.

Randi mentioned the changing rationales for the war, and I pointed out that the Busheviks had originally called it "Operation Iraqi Liberation," until the American people realized that spelled OIL. So then they changed it to "Operation Iraqi Freedom." I suggested to Randi that they should change it one more time - to Operation Iraqi F*Up. (I took great care to only pronounce the "F" so Air America wouldn't get fined.)

This TV attack was just like York's attack on Cindy and me in the National Review, which I blogged about on Thursday.

Obviously Cindy's warning about a "fascist state" is right on the mark and therefore scaring the hell out of the GOP - or York wouldn't be running around denouncing it.

In my blog last week, I challenged York to debate "the 14 points of fascism" but I haven't received a reply. Let's keep writing!

Byron York

My Minute with Randi | AfterDowningStreet.org


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