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Goliath Lost. Republicans and the David Myth
by: lawnorder August 10, 2005 at 21:32:22 America/Chicago

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David versus Goliath
Part of the America's Great Myth ultrageek talks about is the David Myth: The little guy who came from behind and still managed to succeed, using American Ingenuity and virtue (God) to succeed and kick Goliath's butt in the process. We are a nation that loves the underdog, Americans cheer the underdog and root for the David's of sports and life...

"The Dems / gays / liberals / Commies / Atheists / etc... are out to get us"
Sure enough, the neocons latched into that powerful image and are always painting themselves as the virtuous small guy fighting giant forces: The liberal media, the vast left wing conspiracy, the gays, ACLU and others bent on destroying their Christian faith...

The GOP is vulnerable
Their sheer size and power brings their vulnerability: They can't pretend they are David for much longer. After all, David eventually won and got a marvelous kingdom started. What has the GOP achieved despite all their rhetoric ? Despite pretending to be the true heirs of the WWII generation, they have not achieved a fraction of what that generation did:
Four years after Pearl Harbor, the United States had won World War II. Today that is not enough time to even capture a very sick man hiding on a cave.

Split Personality
Is it possible for any Republican to be an underdog? While it does seem strange that anyone would believe the members of a party who has all 3 branches of government and the media at their beck and call would be an underdog, many of their pundits peddle this idea. Limbaugh, O'Reilly and others are constantly whining  that the GOP and their brand of Christianity is in a life and death struggle against a very big, very malicious opponent, be it the "Liberals", "Secularists", "Indecent, lax in values Hollywood elite", "Islamofacists", "Socialists" or any other convenient windmill du jour

And that is why Republicans of all stripes were jumping for joy at the fall of Kerry and of the 2002 Dems - it was more than the pleasure of winning - it felt like vindication. They relished on their strength yet just days later the pundits were whining again

The world's loudest hecklers get on stage
They do not recognize themselves as Goliath. They feel like they are the underdog but they are not. Not anymore. By criticizing the economy, the New Deal and the post 60's culture failings they got the White House. But instead of fixing things they kept on heckling Congress. After decades of pointing out any problem and promising solutions finally they got their turn at Congress . But that was not enough, they demanded both, and got it after 9/11. But they still kept on whining

The unbearable weight of being GOP
And what have they done with all the power they amassed? They still pretend to be the underdog but in reality they are Goliath. A failed Goliath who went on a rampage on the Middle East's china shop and destroyed everything it touched. The "malicious enemy" that is dragging them down is the weight of their own failed policies.

The David trick is getting old
Although they have the Executive, the Legislative, most of the press and are in the process of conquering the Judiciary, they are trying to wiggle out of the responsibility for all their mismanagement. Their leaders keep on saying "the activist judges, the UN, the French, the war critics.. are still blocking our good work". Translation: "if only we get  MORE power, then you will get the results we promised". Except that they said that in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and now half of 2005 and have only made things worse. Sooner or later the people who "invested" in the GOP will have to cut their losses and divest themselves from the liars...

My Left Wing :: Goliath Lost. Republicans and the David Myth


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