More Digby on the Right Wing's lack of respect for the military

" Administration officials have all but given up any hope of militarily defeating the insurgents with U.S. forces, instead aiming only to train and equip enough Iraqi security forces to take over the fight themselves...

But none of this can't be Dear Leader's fault. He's the man with the real courage.

Bush distanced himself from such predictions Thursday, pointing out that he, not the generals, would have the last word.

'The decision finally will be made by me — upon the recommendation of Gen. Casey, through [Defense] Secretary [Donald H.] Rumsfeld, to me,' Bush said.

Well thank god for that. None of those pukes over there know what they're doing. It's a blessing that our commander in chief, the man with the political courage to start wars for no reason and bankrupt the country, is in charge. All hail Dear Leader.

Update: Guys, I realize that this might be a parody --- or it might not. Wingnuts are just this crazy these days. That's why wrote the little thing about getting the meme out there and providing them with an argument. It's that absurd.

The larger point, however, is not. The right is getting a little bit disresepctful toward the military these days. It's not marching quite to their tune the yway they want it to --- which is to kick ass and move on.



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