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By ek hornbeck

Francis of Assisi

Brat. Fighter. Went to war for glory. Generous tipper. "Handsome, gay, gallant, and courteous", with a "a ready wit."

Got sick. Gave his soul to God and Jesus Christ. Well, "turned his thoughts to things of eternity".

Stayed in the Army, thought about making it his career. Marked all his soldiers with red crosses (not exactly an original idea). ""I know I shall be a great prince", exclaimed Francis exultingly", This was not an outlandish ambition in a certain class of people in Italy at the time.

And then he got sick again, quit in the middle of things (again, VERY typical behavior at the time) and came home.

Saw a leper. Pilgrimage to Rome. More enlightenment. Gave ALL his money away (told ya he was a generous tipper), and then...

He attracted what can only be called 'disciples' and established a monastic order (painful details on the site) "calling themselves the Lord's minstrels. The wide world was their cloister; sleeping in haylofts, grottos, or church porches, they toiled with the labourers in the fields, and when none gave them work they would beg.". Think Friar Tuck...

Kind of remembered that crap about him surrounded by Disney characters and stuff. Francis, him I think I'd have a brew with. I hope he'd have a brew with me.

So there you go, charismatic leader vs. legalistic jerk. I'm not sure Francis even has a clue that there is a workbench, but I have no evidence that he messed it up (other than being totally misguided about the afterlife, but I am NOT a Christian so there!)...

Now I'm off to find 2 damn Ay-rabs. IMHO they SAVED Western culture from the RC Church, but the lives of the Saints are instructive.

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