(In the continuing saga of The Defenders of the Wizard of Crawford)

Things were getting bad at the ranch in crawford,
as our noble band of heroes assembled
the wizard, his brain atrophied from years of having others think for him,
sat in dazed confusion,
without even a copy of 'my pet goat' for company.

"They want a revolution," he thought to himself,
"they want more. why do they want more?"
it was then, as the wizard sat in silence,
determined to stay the course - to stay away from the domestic insurgency,
that a new hero emerged in our tale.

"I'll be the one to defend you," he cried
for there was a firm believer in the wizard's dark magic
equipped with a pick-up truck, filled to the brim with oil, thick with death, he--
he bravely drove his two-tonned vehicle down that lonely crawford road,
and trampled every cross in sight -- under blessed cover of night!

It was rumored that Jesus saw the crosses crushed,
and remembered his teachings, which this firm believer claimed to revere,

Mazzygrew: Stood, Falling, Breathless: WHOSE CROSS WOULD JESUS TRAMPLE?


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