Kos: Bush has no answer to Sheehan. None

Fighting Sheehan
by kos
Thu Aug 11th, 2005 at 20:55:36 CDT


The thing about the Right Wing noise machine is that it only has one tactical mode. Full bore attack. Which against a woman who lost her son, is a bit fucked up. Just a bit.

Doing oppo on a mother who lost her son in the war? Bad call. But they are getting desperate, especially with poll numbers like these. A solid anti-war sentiment has emerged in the country despite the lack of a peace movement or any opposition from any national media outlet or personality.

Now, Bush must answer to a mother who won't take lip service anymore.

The President says he feels compassion for me, but the best way to show that compassion is by meeting with me and the other mothers and families who are here. Our sons made the ultimate sacrifice and we want answers. All we're asking is that he sacrifice an hour out of his five-week vacation to talk to us, before the next mother loses her son in Iraq. He says he is spreading peace. How can you spread peace by killing people?

Bush has no answer to this. None.

Daily Kos: Fighting Sheehan


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