John Conyers, Jr. -- Help Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

Message to Bush: Talk to Cindy!

Help us write 1,000 Letters to the Editor for Cindy

Cindy has waited a long time for answers from the President. Answers to questions about the Downing Street Minutes, about the real reasons for war in Iraq, and to what end was her son asked to sacrifice his life. Right now Mrs. Sheehan is staging a vigil outside the president’s house on a sun-baked dusty road in Crawford, Texas waiting for Bush to talk to her and offer a real explanation for why we are in Iraq.

Cindy is prepared to wait as long as it takes for the President to meet with her. Help us help Mrs. Sheehan and other grieving mothers get some real answers.

Make use of my Crawford Action Center below to get involved and lend your support. I will be regularly providing updates of the media coverage in Crawford, so be sure to check back and keep informed.

John Conyers, Jr. -- Help Cindy Sheehan in Crawford


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