Hoffmania!: Mike Gallagher: Conservatard Flambe'

Mike Gallagher: Conservatard Flambe'
Originally published Aug 12, 2005

Lynchburg2Oh, look. A right wing radio genius coming up with this.

Join Mike Today for his Pro-America Bus Trip to Crawford, TX!
EMAIL MIKE or call (972) 831-1920 to find out how you can be a part of it.

Gee whiz. Good thing he's doing this on a Friday night where he won't be TOO much of an embarrassment to his audience if this makes news. Duh.

Hey! Let's see how Mikey's family is showing their support of the war, shall we?

Mike's proudest achievement is his family. Mike and his wife Denise live in New York City and the Dallas area. Their four boys, Bryan, Trevor, Matthew and Micah have "sprung the nest" and are living all over the country either going to college or working.

Isn't that sweet? Four boys! Four able healthy sons. All over the country. All either in college or working. And not a single goddamned one in the military.

Worse, he calls his fan club "Gallagher's Army" - which shows him dresssed up in full military garb. The guy never served day one in the service. NOT DAY ONE.

This whole charade known as Mike Gallagher's Life is an absolute slap in the face of our troops. Shame on him. Shame on anyone who believes this guy.

Mike Gallagher should be forced to lick Cindy Sheehan's shoes when he gets there.

Hoffmania!: Mike Gallagher: Conservatard Flambe'


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