Hard Truth: August in Texas

the Cindy Sheehan story has become a narrative about Cindy Sheehan. About a mother who lost a son. About a woman who felt a moral imperative to speak out. [Contrary to the author I thing this is good, and in there lies the power of Cindy's message. She is REAL she is a mother who lost her son and needs to speak up about the people who got her son into that mess -- law]

Truth4AChange blogs:

In the case of Ms. Sheehan, the depth of her conviction, sincerity and right to free expression are unassailable... [Cindy's] efforts ..stand as much-needed affirmation that individuals are not powerless against the carefully crafted face of the current administration, and that a small number of otherwise unremarkable citizens really can move public dialogue in potent, meaningful ways.

But we are sufficiently introspective, and yes honest, to admit that our support also grows out of certain less noble sentiments. Any thorn in the side of the administration is a source of at least some satisfaction, bittersweet though it may be, and while we do not celebrate that particular personality trait, we assuage the infrequent pangs of mild guilt with the knowledge that the president and friends have engineered their own political misfortunes. It is also comforting, in an uncomfortable way, to see Bush's pettiness revealed in full glory, lamely claiming daily 2-hour exercise routines and 'getting on with his life' assume priority over the issues Sheehan raises. And having let the problem fester to the point of eliminating any positive options from a public relations standpoint, it is a lovely, simple pleasure to see team Bush squirm, trying to contain the simmering rage of the Great and All-Powerful Oz while unkempt hippies and other riffraff dance along the path to and from the presidential palace.

So clearly we stake no claim to the moral high ground and are instead content to support Sheehan on the basis of our unforgiving, misanthropic, and borderline pathological distain for most all things Bush. Oh, that and the fact that Sheehan stands on the side of moral principle.

And yet there is something about the story that began as Cindy Sheehan's visit to Crawford that has grown ugly, chilling our buzz of righteousness, and generally drizzling on our parade. Not the putrid stench of reactions from the right - the claims that Sheehan is the Satan-spawned whoring mouthpiece of Michael Moore, Code-pink, America-hating Islamofacist anti-Semites. Not the claims that she spits on the grave and service of her first-born son and all soldiers killed in the line of duty. And certainly not the steady flow of sewage from RNC Communications and the Right-Holy Trinity of Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity, or the compassionate conservative buzz of gun fire, trucks flattening memorial crosses, and Mike Gallagher's bus passing through. No, these expressions of patriotism and support for the Commander-in-Chief paint an accurate portrait of his base for all to see, a portrait the administration has gone to some length to keep locked away from the voting public.

What does trouble us is our dawning realization that the Cindy Sheehan story has become a narrative about Cindy Sheehan. About a mother who lost a son. About a woman who felt a moral imperative to speak out.

Hard Truth: August in Texas


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