Happy Birthday to us!

Page Views This Week .................... 1,147

For the first time this blog passed the 1,000 page views per week. Unique visits is only slightly lower than 1,000 at 998 this last week. Weee!!! Thanks guys!

I started this blog last year in July but it only took off in late July/early August. So this is the "Happy Birthday to us" (me and this blog readers) post. I thank all of you that made this year's worth of effort worthwhile!

I started this blog as a placeholder for my rants & raves, as a scrapbook of bits and pieces of interesting articles I liked and wanted to be able to search for later. To my surprise I got some hits and readers besides me and my mom ;-) So I started trying to do a better job of posting, making it easier for those who are busy and those who use RSS to zoom in the point of each post. I have started trying to add a comment, a summary or the best quote from the article to the top of each post in italics, indicating why it's important. It should make it easier for those using RSS to browse through the huge amount of posts I make (when I'm inspired).

Feast or Famine
Yep, that's how I blog. Those who have been reading me for a while know that I can post 200 posts in a couple of days and then stop posting for a week. I blame it on having started discussing politics online on Yahoo, where the posts are short and fast, going on 50-100 per hour. Then I "burn out" and spend a couple of days resting my keyboard worn fingers... And pretty soon I'm eager to post again. Blogging is addictive!

Salad Bar Blogging
For the most part this blog still is a scrapbook collecting interesting news, with some original material every once in a while. I hope you use this to your advantage: don't think of this blog as a full meal blog that you have to go through from start to finish. Think of it as a salad bar blog where you can pick and chose what to read and what to skip. Here you get the benefit of a fully searchable "library" of good articles on politics, Bush bashing, liberal ideas and some New Age, science and sci-fi sprinkled on top of it.

If you have been reading me lately you will notice that I tend to post a series of related links: The kos diary about a NYT article, the NYT article itself, a blog entry on Atrios about the same article... Or 3-5 links on Prince Bandar's resignation. Or a series of posts from a newly discovered blog. That is because I use my "blog this" blogger tool as my bookmark tool. Why ? Because I like to see the original when someone quotes it, and I also like to see different points of view or interesting details that were not on the first link. If you don't, just skip the extra posts. I also do it because it allows me to do a "Search" for it later and to share my bookmarks with like minded folks. Before google desktop a searchable blog was the only way I could find my thousands of links later. But this blog is still the only way to securely share my bookmarks.

Liberal hating conservative posts
Occasionaly I see something soo outrageous on the reich wing bloggosphere that I want to keep as an example of the hate they spew. I usually try to put a "I can't believe they said that!" to the top of it. But sometimes I forget to comment and if you see one of those in my blog be at ease: It's just an example of their hateful discourse and I'm not running a fever or gone off the deep end, I'm just very forgetful!

Other conservative posts
I try to include some of the less polemic ones for balance. Sometimes there are good articles I agree with, coming from conservatives or right leaning moderates. And sometimes even the worst reich wingnuts have a point, if you want to go to the trouble of filtering out all their hate and Limbaughese neocon talking points. As my philosophy teacher said, if you surround yourself with a band of people who think just like you, you will never learn the truth, as truth can come from the most unexpected places, even from the mouth of a right wing idiot!

"Special dates" on this blog
I'm trying to copy & paste less and if I want to keep the full article as a backup I save it to 1/1/1990, the "backup of good articles" link on your left.
I'm in the process of moving all the backup stuff to 1/1/1990, because originally I used 1/1/1999 as the original backup date. But soon all good, hard to find "uncut" articles will be at http://lawnorder.blogspot.com/1990_01_01_lawnorder_archive.html
Backup of 9/11 articles
Backup of early war, pre war articles: looting, lost WMD, etc..
Christmas in Baghdad series, Bushmas carols and war thorn Christmas musings for 2003 and 2004
7/10/2004 to present
Blog posts


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