Gorenfeld: Scientology does not own a newspaper

Comparable crackpots-in-chief like Lyndon LaRouche and Sun Myung Moon have had almost no detectable national influence."
"L. Ron Hubbard -- Scientology's esteemed founder"
July 18, 2005

Author Michael Crowley is a senior editor at The New Republic, where he writes about Congress.

The late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has a high profile, that's for sure. But only in his most feverish, drug-fueled dreams could the inspiration for Mind Head see himself hailed at a U.S. Senate building, toasted in South America by President Bush, or transformed into a major media mogul who's poured a fortune into the Religious Right and the old anti-Communist lobby.

It's good to remember a point Jon Stewart recently made: Hollywood "power" doesn't compare with Washington's role in actually influencing people's lives.

Where in Washington, D.C. is Sun Myung Moon?: Scientology does not own a newspaper


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