European Tribune - The Party line - US supply side better than Europe socialism

The author cheated: Notice how she talks 'decade' not the years between 2001-2005 ? In fact, not only Clinton raised taxes but his years were marked by a significant shift of power from employers to employees. Longer vacations, sign up bonus, stock options... So the so called 'flexibility' that she sings praises for was not in effect for 5 out of the 10 years she is measuring. Were she to use only the years where the policies she advises were in effect, the results of her own study would tell a very different story...

UPDATE an extended version of this post, incorporating some of the data in the comments, is now posted on DailyKos with credits to all!

What US labour laws can teach Europe

Over the past decade, European employment has grown by less than 10 per cent, while US employment has grown by 17 per cent, creating more than 2.2m jobs last year alone.


America grows while Europe stalls for many reasons, among them disparities in flexibility caused by employment laws. Europe will never recover until employment protection statutes are modernised and politicians restore flexibility to employers and workers...


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