DontCrush.com - The Campaign to Save Electric Cars

DontCrush.com - The Campaign to Save Electric Cars

"Sierra Club today called on automakers to cease destroying the remaining battery electric vehicles held by their customers. These vehicles are powered by electric motors instead of internal combustion engines and are recharged from the electric grid or home solar arrays instead of filling up on gasoline. While Ford has changed its policy and has stopped crushing its electric cars and trucks, Toyota and General Motors have been crushing the vehicles after their leases expire. Sierra Club urges all the auto manufacturers to sell the vehicles at fair market value to the individual and fleet customers who wish to purchase them."

Thousands of electric cars were manufactured from 1997-2003 to comply with California’s Zero Emission Mandate. The auto manufacturers benefited from tens of millions of dollars from the taxpayers of the State of California to put these zero-emission, zero-gasoline vehicles on the road. Now, Toyota is literally crushing California’s investment in clean air and lessening our petroleum dependence.

Campaign to save electric cars shifts focus to Toyota

DontCrush.com, the Campaign to Save Electric Cars, whose international protests against the crushing of electric cars by General Motors and Ford made front-page headlines, changed Ford’s policies and saved hundreds of electric cars, today went public with details of a similar campaign directed at Toyota.


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