Daily Kos: WMD Speech: "Lowest Point In My Life"

WMD Speech: "Lowest Point In My Life"
by BarbinMD [Subscribe]
Fri Aug 19th, 2005 at 16:17:47 CDT

And the floodgates open more...

A former top aide to Colin Powell says his involvement in the former secretary of state's presentation to the United Nations on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was "the lowest point" in his life.

"I wish I had not been involved in it," says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, a longtime Powell adviser who served as his chief of staff from 2002 through 2005. "I look back on it, and I still say it was the lowest point in my life."

When will Powell show the same courage? I have nothing but contempt for him...he knowingly lied to the country and the world. And in the GOP mindset, it won't matter because he wasn't wagging his finger and talking about Monica.

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This is what we have all known for a long time, but it is still shocking to see it in the MSM:

"(Powell) came through the door ... and he had in his hands a sheaf of papers, and he said, 'This is what I've got to present at the United Nations according to the White House, and you need to look at it,'" Wilkerson says in the program. "It was anything but an intelligence document. It was, as some people characterized it later, sort of a Chinese menu from which you could pick and choose."

How many have died? Powell knew and the White house knew. We've always known it.

Daily Kos: WMD Speech: "Lowest Point In My Life"


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