Daily Kos: Why Vote Against the GOP? Because They Support Bush

Armando says: "It seems obvious to me, but alot of D.C. "geniuses" do not agree apparently." (That's because they are in la-la land, AKA Washington DC -- law)

Why Vote Against the GOP? Because They Support Bush
by Armando
Sat Aug 20th, 2005 at 17:20:48 CDT

This seemingly obvious point requires, I believe, some emphasis. I think Page's valuable post just below and this MYDD post by the new and excellent front pager Scott Shields make this clear:

"Casey called Santorum "plainly inconsistent," saying his support for Bush's Iraq policy should not prevent him from demanding an exit strategy. Gen. Wesley K. Clark, a Democrat who commanded NATO forces during the Kosovo war, said in an interview yesterday that Santorum's criticisms are "precisely, to the nth power, what has been wrong with the Iraq strategy... . So when he doesn't apply the same standards, it makes you believe his criticism was purely partisan in nature."

In the Inquirer article, Stephen Medvic of Franklin and Marshall College dismisses Casey's criticism saying that "[p]eople know parties have to play politics."

But that is EXACTLY the point. Republicans will not go against Bush ever, no matter how misguided or wrong Bush is. If you want a change, you can't vote Republican. They won't change or challenge Bush, ever.

On Iraq. Or any other issue. Whether David Ignatius likes it or not, elections are about change - do you want to throw the bums out or not. The bums are Bush and the Republicans. And the primary reason Democrats can win in 2006 will be the desire to throw the GOP bums out. If the public is not convinced that the GOP has got to go, no beautiful platform or Contracts with America will make them vote Dem. So that is the first order of business - convincing the American People that Bush and the Republicans have to go.

Daily Kos: Why Vote Against the GOP? Because They Support Bush


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