Daily Kos: Wherein I Take Apart a Wingnut On the Radio

Wherein I Take Apart a Wingnut On the Radio
by ColdFusion04
Thu Aug 11th, 2005 at 17:18:24 CDT

This afternoon I was in my car when I heard my favorite afternoon AM talk show host, Jeff Wagner, going off on Cindy Sheehan. I have a pretty even temper, but he was exceptionally off the mark on this one, so I called him to take him to task on a few of his flawed arguments.

I was fortunate enough to be the first caller on the topic, and to find the audio archive of this station hidden on some guys personal web site.

So, here's the audio (.mp3 format). I had a few slip-ups, but I think the key points were adequately made.

#1. The President should not be on a long vacation in a time of war.

#2. Cindy (along with every other grieving widow and mother) deserves a "LEGITIMATE" explanation of the real reasons for the deaths of their loved ones, straight from the Commander in Chief. Not the tired, innaccurate, nauseating previously stated reasons... But the REAL reasons.

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After the fact, I realized this station is broadcasting over loudspeakers in the heart of the State Fair in Milwaukee. That brought a smile to my face. The host literally defended the President's extended vacation, which blew me away.

Ducks in a barrel...

Me: We have a President who's on vacation for the longest Presidential vacation in history during a time we've had 40-50 troops die in Iraq...

Host: Why do you say he's on vacation, when he's working out of his Texas home?

Me: Working from home is sometimes acceptable and sometimes not, but I certainly don't think it's acceptable for the President during a time of war...


Host: What is to be gained by him sitting down and meeting with her?

Me: Her son is dead. He owes her a legitimate explanation as to why her son was sent there to fight.

Host: The President has explained time and time again why we are there in Iraq. Do you think there's anything the President could say that would satisfy her?

Me: Yeah, I think there is. I think if he would tell the truth for once and tell her the real reasons that we went there, I think that would satisfy her, yes.

Was it perfect? No. I wish I would have jumped on his line: "What if the majority of Americans believe why we went to war", which was patently false, of course.

Go Cindy! Never give up, because we've got your back, even if we can't be there by your side.

Daily Kos: Wherein I Take Apart a Wingnut On the Radio


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