Daily Kos: Troll / recipe ratio dangerously high

Troll / recipe ratio dangerously high
by Elwood Dowd [Subscribe]
Wed Aug 10th, 2005 at 18:31:07 CDT

We are in the middle of a troll infestation. That should make you smack your lips and fire up the grill. But no, the community is forgetting its responsibility.

The proper response to a troll (and there are varying definitions of troll, let's not go there, our current candidates are fully qualified regardless of which metric we use) is not to explain to the community why this poster is a pig-headed fool. That is already obvious -- tell us something we don't know.

Instead, the response should be to post a favorite recipe.

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The recipe posting serves several purposes:

* Most importantly, it leaves the troll wondering what happened. No violent denunciation WITH CAPITAL LETTERS?!? How frustrating for our visitor. We cannot hope that these creatures will have a sudden expansion of the heart, like Mr. Grinch, so we must simply take pleasure in their annoyance at not getting a rise from Whoville.
* It derails the troll's thread. What can s/he respond? "You call that a strawberry shortcake?"
* It provides fodder (I think I this may be one of those rare occasions when we can say, "literally") for the long anticipated dKos Cookbook.

Daily Kos: Troll / recipe ratio dangerously high


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