Daily Kos: Thanks, Cindy.

Thanks for reminding me what 'courage' looks like.... One heartbroken parent against a coldhearted fool.

Thanks, Cindy.
by georgia10
Thu Aug 11th, 2005 at 17:59:50 CDT


I suppose, having just turned 23 and you being old enough to be my mother, I should call you "Mrs. Sheehan". But your words and actions have touched me (and millions others) so personally that I'll call you Cindy, if you don't mind.

I wanted to say thank you. And I wanted to do it like this (not just in a private email) because I have a feeling so many others here will echo my sentiments.

Thanks for reminding me what 'courage' looks like. I have to admit, over the past 5 years, I kind of forgot. Sure, we've talked about courageous politicians. But seeing you, just a regular mom, radiate courage like you do...well, it's breathtaking, really.

I say "regular" mom, in the sense that you remind me of my own mother: fiercely protective of her family, steadfast in love. But you aren't an ordinary mom, Cindy. You're extraordinary.

You're extraordinary because you are fighting for truth, up against the powerful man in the world. One mother who is starving for truth against one man who is drunk with power. One heartbroken parent against a coldhearted fool.

Daily Kos: Thanks, Cindy.


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