Daily Kos: Rove Lied to FBI; Ashcroft Under Cloud

Rove Lied to FBI; Ashcroft Under Cloud
by mcjoan [Subscribe]
Sun Aug 14th, 2005 at 22:52:30 CDT

(From the diaries -- Plutonium Page. What ethical behavior! That was sarcasm, btw.)

The folks at Talk Left clue us in on crack investigative reporter Murray Waas's latest find, appearing in tomorrow's Village Voice.

The key components of the story: Justice Department officials believed that Rove was lying during one of his first interviews with investigators. What's more, the federal investigators were "deeply concerned" that Ashcroft received personal briefings about the investigation, including the details of at least one FBI interview with Rove.

The same sources said Ashcroft was also told that investigators firmly believed that Rove had withheld important information from them during that FBI interview. Those concerns by senior career law enforcement officials regarding the propriety of such briefings continuing, as Rove became more central to the investigation, also was instrumental in the naming of special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

Daily Kos: Rove Lied to FBI; Ashcroft Under Cloud


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