Daily Kos: Roberts File Missing

Roberts File Missing
by BarbinMD [Subscribe]
Wed Aug 17th, 2005 at 09:07:30 CDT

If you can't block 'em, lose 'em?

A folder containing papers written by John Roberts regarding affirmative action are missing from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library...missing after two lawyers from the White House and Justice Department reviewed them. A coincidence I'm sure. And it looks like archivists at the library are going to fall on their swords for the administration:

Archivists said the lawyers returned the file but it now cannot be located. No duplicates of the folder's contents were made before the lawyers' review. Although one of the lawyers has assisted in the Archives' attempt to reconstruct its contents from other files, officials have no way of independently verifying their effort was successful.

As you'll see below, the proof that the lawyers returned the file is thin, but boy-howdy, wasn't it kind of them to assist in the reconstruction of the files?

Daily Kos: Roberts File Missing


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