Daily Kos: The right's Cindy crisis

The right's Cindy crisis
by BobcatJH [Subscribe]
Wed Aug 17th, 2005 at 09:09:25 CDT

They picked the wrong battle. And they know it.

As I wrote earlier, the ruthless deployment of the Republican smear machine means only one thing: That Sheehan is having an effect. What started with people like Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson and Paul Hackett has now moved to an American mother.

The right - try as they might to frame her on their terms - knows Sheehan is the real deal. They know America supports her. They know that each day Sheehan's vigil draws notice, the more their cause is damaged. They know that each day President Bush callously "goes on with his life," ignoring Sheehan, the more the administration looks out of touch with everyday people. They know that each day vigilantes make their presence felt in Crawford, the worse they look.

Smearing Sheehan, for the right, is a no-win battle. Continue to smear her and lose the respect of millions of Americans. Let her continue to speak out and lose the support of millions of Americans.

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As Sheehan moves Camp Casey to a bigger location closer to President Bush's ranch, Americans nationwide are showing solidarity. Tonight, for instance, many will take part in candlelight vigils in support of Sheehan, my girlfriend and myself included. What's more, Sheehan is inspiring other parents of the fallen to speak out.

Yesterday, the parents of local Marine Edward "Augie" Schroeder II - who died two weeks ago today - spoke out, telling Americans to "stand up and shout their condemnation" of the war. Bush, father Paul Schroeder said, should stop "tying support for our troops in the field and support for his war. The two are not the same. ... Bush has turned it around to say that if you don't support the war, you can't support the troops. That's just not true."

Daily Kos: The right's Cindy crisis


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