Daily Kos: Put the Niggers in the Super Dome

Put the Niggers in the Super Dome
by Flip Floss [Subscribe]
Mon Aug 29th, 2005 at 10:05:06 CDT

In my opinion we are not being told the truth about this hurricane, it's effects and the preparations that were made beforehand to prevent damage and loss of life.

Although the hurricane has been said to have "spared New Orleans" the worst of it's wrath by moving east, it really doesn't matter as the city is about to be destroyed anyway. The Levees will not keep the water out. When the water gets in the levees will keep it in: making New Orleans uninhabitable for possibly months.

I reacted last night with amazement that the geniuses who run our government locally and nationally who decided to put the people in the Super Dome who didn't have the right (MONEY) to leave New Orleans.


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I anticipated the roof wouldn't last as it is a retractable roof and it has such a wide span it would be difficult for it to sustain itself. But there is another problem. How are they going to get the people out of the Superdome when it is surrounded by 10 to 20 feet of water that isn't going to go away for days? Hence the title of the diary. Poor people are niggers, that's the truth. Nobody cares about people in this country if they don't have money. We don't live in Sweden. New Orleans is a very cold-blooded political city. It's not progressive; it's much like Chicago where if you don't know anybody you cannot get work or help. This translates to the people in the Super Dome-they don't know anybody so they put "them" (those who have nothing) in the Super Dome. It's easy for me to see the racism and the classism of this in a nation run by an elitist pimp, George Bush who cannot even drive a bike without falling off and getting scrapes all over his face much less drive a nation.

Politicians are almost nowhere to be found on the airwaves. They don't want to associate themselves with what's coming: The destruction of New Orleans and a horrendous loss of life. They are afraid.

It appears to me, I could be wrong, that flooding will destroy most of the city. That 10 to 50 thousand people who were not evacuated will be killed. Airplane tickets were up to 1,000 dollars to leave the city. Why weren't there military aircraft, buses, even tractor trailers sent to the city to evacuate as many as possible? Why was the city out of gas early yesterday? Why were there not better provisions for this kind of emergency?

Why didn't the airlines divert planes to New Orleans and pick up people for free and get them out of there? Any gesture not matter how small adds up if you have enough small gestures. Corporate America did nothing as far as I know. Rather the concern is on the economic impact rather than the 10-50 in New Orleans and surrounding areas that may die. All of their homes destroyed.

Mary Landrieu appeared on TV screaming "Invest, Invest, Invest". She is an example of the pathetic state of American leadership that is destroying this nation. She couldn't stop talking about investing in the wetlands, one of her favorite projects among all the military ones like star wars missle defense

. Protecting the wetlands may be the only project worthwhile. But she spoke of money, not of lives. I don't think she is so much interested in the wetlands but rather the money it would provide which would be translated into providing jobs, which is then a power lever for her. If she has money to develop jobs she has power. What an awful wasp-looking fiend she is. -white, Blond, plump and droll.

This tragedy is representative as it unfolds of the situation in Iraq where the consequences (the end results) are not discussed before hand and the reporting is done always in the present with no reflection or anticipation of the future.

Watching the news all you would think is that the Superdome roof is ripped and it's very wet in New Orleans.

The truth is ...the city is being destroyed through flooding by a category 4 hurricane.

Daily Kos: Put the Niggers in the Super Dome


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