Daily Kos: Progressive website traffic EXPLODING!!!

Progressive website traffic EXPLODING!!!
by coldfusion
Sat Aug 20th, 2005 at 13:49:37 CDT

It seems that the confluence of recent events, from Paul Hackett, to Cindy Sheehan, to general malaise against the Iraq war and the extreme right wing is bringing more and more people into the "progressive netroots"

For instance Kos traffic is way up, according to the Alexa rankings. More significantly, www.HuffingtonPost.com traffic has had a meteoric rise, and as of this week is approaching Drudge levels!!

Here is a link to their Alexa Traffic:

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HuffingtonPost was launched only 3 monthes ago, and intended as being a quasi-equivalent to Drudge on the progressive side. Its amazing how after only 3 monthes, it's approaching Drudge levels!! I predict it will surpass Drudge levels withen a few months, if not sooner! You combine this with the rise of progressive talk radio, the decline in ratings for right wing talk radio (As diaried by Kayakbiker http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/8/20/82729/8796) , the eventual rise of Independent World Television www.IWTNEWS.Com, and i believe our ability to take on the Right Wind Noise Machine is growing very quickly, and may well be able to match them by the next election, and perhaps precipitate a realignment!!

Daily Kos: Progressive website traffic EXPLODING!!!


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